Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 08.04.19
Swell: 2 - 5 Ft
Wave Frequency: 12-18 Seconds

Waking up to the sound of yahooing and ‘Sexwax’ on surfboards, we arrived to the northern Mentawai’s.

March 25th – April 5th Mentawai Trip

As the sun was just rising, with light offshore winds we saw the first sets of the trip rolling thru. Perfect for a first day warm up session, fun clean right-handers. After the wind had swung, we decided to make a move to greener pastures.

As usual, we’d put our faithful speedy, the ‘Foxy Lady’ to good use, racing ahead with the boys, to sneak in a few bonus sessions, while the Mangalui followed up the rear.

We steamed the mighty Mango further afield early in the trip, bypassing some of the more renowned waves and dodging the crowds along the way, knowing we could always drop back through later in the trip, after it had quietened down a bit.

On the smaller days, between surfing sessions, we decided to go on a fishing & skurfing (hydro foil) expedition, with a group effort by all and we absolutely cleaned up and the Sashimi was plentiful for the remainder of the trip.

The boys scored some super clean 2-3ft peeling right-handers at Lighthouse, along with some diving and spear fishing. Then some ‘Bush’ doing her thing, and had a good fun surf at ‘Maccas’ as well.

The waves just got better as the trip went on and the swell started pulsing, we stuck it out as the crowds disappeared ending up with perfect 5ft right hand tubes to ourselves all day to finish off the trip heaps of happy faces with some of the best waves of their lives.

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