Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 15.09.22
Swell: 3 ft @ 215°
Wave Frequency: 14 sec

The solid swell from the weekend backed off enough that Resort Latitude Zero’s guests had the opportunity to surf the famous Telo beachie and the north western tip of the island chain at Bum Cracks.

Brent’s daughters, Daisy and Lani, are at the halfway point of their Telo Island surf holiday and it’s showing in their surfing. The girls attacked the walls of Monkeys and Leba with forehand hacks leaving dad in what our surf guide Rory reported as a ‘combination situation’.

The swell is filling in overnight and there’s whispers of Ranga’s for tomorrow’s mornings session. Check back in Monday to see all the action from the weekend’s waves. 

Resort Latitude Guiding Team

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