Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 27.11.18
Swell: 2 Ft
Wave Frequency: 11 Seconds

Still a heap of fun to be had…

We were treated to a large blood red full moon rise just after dark last night around the pool, unfortunately the unusual and spectacular natural lunar show has not whipped up a surprise swell.

Small waves in Telo’s for the back half of the weekend and into the working week but as the accompanying photos show, we had no shortage of fun.

Saturday provided fun rip-able walls on the remanence of last week’s swell bump with Sunday’s ocean looking inviting but a little sleepy on the wave front.

Weather patterns are very stable with sunny skies and light, variable winds so fingers crossed our exposed swell magnets will deliver the goods during a pretty quiet looking week on the swell front.

The RLZ surf guide team

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