Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 17.05.18
Swell: 3 - 5 Ft
Wave Frequency: 15 Seconds

16.05.18 – Big turns, great waves and more memories made.

Swell 3 to 5 foot, mix of south and west with an angle of 205-212 degrees, high tide currently in the mornings, quite a big tide 1.3 mtrs dropping low around centre of the day then increasing quite quickly again late arvo, that’s why we have seen waves with a fair bit of water in them on the in crease pushing tide.

Wind fluctuating between nw and sw again, although very light almost offshore at all breaks until the late arvo. With some very good surfers coming through the resort at the moment we have seen a lot of big turns good rail game and throwing buckets of spray on the big open clean glassy walls.

There has been some hollow left handers surfed today and yesterday, leaving everyone with some epic memories and big smiling grins. A great sunset finished the days surfing and left everyone on a high.

Stay tuned again for later in the week, thanks again

Happy surfing.

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