Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 25.06.19
Swell: 4 - 8 Ft
Wave Frequency: 12-18 Seconds

“It was an insane morning there, some of the lads had the best barrels of their lives”…

After a pretty sloppy first day of fun 4-6 foot carvable waves and hard conditions with 15–20kt trade winds, there was no better feeling than ripping around the point at the bush at first light to see perfect 6–8 foot drainers reeling down the line.

It was an insane morning there, some of the lads had the best barrels of their lives, after a mammoth session and a few cold beers and many ‘hoots’ and ‘yahoos’ soaking it all in, ‘did that just happen?’ we raced back to where the mighty Mango was anchored up, the wind came up from the south we finished the day with some long great reeling left handers what a ripper.

It was a longer trip than the usual it gave us some extra time to go searching and exploring, the trade winds were strong so we were targeting the windows that are a common occurrence in the Ments were a storm brews and blows offshore and we scored some amazing conditions.

We did a whole lap of the Ments scoring great conditions with only a couple of vessels crossing our path, plenty of swell and lots more on the way.

Having a 30th birthday trip with a great bunch of mates the vibes were high and there was so much fun to be had, not to mention the great fishing we experienced.


Stay tuned for the next trip swell reports are looking exciting….

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