Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 19.07.18
Swell: 4 - 6 Ft
Wave Frequency: 13-16 Seconds

Great waves, dynamic weather and an epic crew of surfers set the scene for another fantastic trip aboard the Mangalui.

Although we were not drenched with swells we made all the right moves and slotted in some great sessions. With a few bomb sets warranting the odd pull back over some heavy reef.

The left handers on the trip were the main course and kept the gets full with the odd little right thrown in for good measure. A few nice tube rides went on display and is a good reminder that you will sell yourself short on a surf trip if you only want to surf on your front side.

It was great to see the boys laying it down front and back side. Cheers Lads.

We are heading back out with a forecast of consistent swells.

Captain Albert.

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