Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 13.04.18
Swell: 2ft
Wave Frequency: 12 Seconds

We really recommend when visiting Resort Latitude Zero to make the time and have a look at the amazing part of Sumatra.

With swell being at a very slow rate and a small size everyone has turned their attention to the side of the beautiful surrounding Sumatra that gets forgotten quickly when waves are living up to expectations. Explorations of un-inhabited creeks, filtering into thick jungle with Sightings of monkeys and some beautiful birds. Topped of with a visit to the local Telo town for a culture experience into life on the equator.

While other crews choose to spend the day bending rods and chasing some fish. The guests had an action filled trip landing dogtooth tuna and Spanish mackerel’s  which later was served up for sashimi that night. This made for a classic day.

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