Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 14.07.22
Swell: 4-6 ft @ 196°
Wave Frequency: 13 sec

Welcome back to the Resort Latitude Zero surf report. The waves have been on fire and the father and son group from Sydney have been frothing out catching the waves of their lives. The 1st night introduction began with the dad’s asking the kids where they caught their best waves. The answer was Bronte. That has all changed to names we are more familiar with here in the Telo Islands: Monkeys, Sipika, Shoe and Rangas. The best surf day ever has been mentioned a few times and the energy is sky high at the resort.

The south swell is meant to wane tomorrow but we will see a new pulse from the SW starting on Friday afternoon, with Saturday being the peak of the swell. We have high tides in the morning for the next few days, so we are high alert for an old favourite of ours. If you know, you know. Stay tuned for more gold from your friends at Latitude Zero.

Resort Latitude Guiding Team

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