Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 18.07.22
Swell: 4-6 ft @ 205°
Wave Frequency: 16 sec

The high-performance surfing continues at Resort Latitude Zero but we are not sure who is ripping harder. Is it the dad’s or their son’s? We will let you decide once you have sorted through the beautiful photos in this report. As you can see the lefts have returned to Telo, so the goofy footers were in heaven as they locked into a few of our favorite waves. Don’t worry regular footers, the rights are still cooking as well. It has literally been nonstop waves for this crew and they have been taking full advantage, clocking more than 6 hours in the water each day. Sleep, Surf and Eat!

Half of the group left this weekend, but we still have the other half who has teamed up with the famous photographer Simon “Swilly” Williams for their last 4 days. The next report should be amazing as we will use Swilly’s photos and the surf is still pumping. Be on high alert for some more gold from the Telo Islands, Sumatra. 

Resort Latitude Guiding Team

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