Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 02.08.19
Swell: 2 Ft
Wave Frequency: 12 Seconds

We are going to keep it honest folks. It has been a challenging week in our little slice of heaven, with a mix of small swell and strong SE trade winds. The guests have managed a few sneaky sessions, but we have had to get creative with afternoon pitching competitions and fishing. In saying that, we had a few beautiful hole-in-one shots while the guests snacked on sashimi and sipped cocktails by the pool.

We have all been glued to the forecast as it is still showing a nice swell will bless our shores beginning Friday afternoon and should give us swell for a few days. The winds are predicted to blow from the SE, but our competent  surf guides have a few spots in mind to target and stay out of sight. Check back with us after the weekend to see what we found.

Resort Latitude Zero Guiding Team

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