Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 27.05.19
Swell: 4 Ft
Wave Frequency: 12 Seconds

Greetings from the warmest water in the world!

A fresh licking of south swell from Huey has kept us all busy over Saturday & Sunday, not massive but a weekend of head high lines wrapping into the main breaks was well received all the same.

As we move into June we are starting to see the wind trends more and more influenced by the south trades and that means the left handers are generally the pick for now for the afternoon sessions once the sea breeze moves in over the glassy morning ocean.

Being right on the equator that influence and afternoon sea breeze pattern could be different in a fortnight…..and that’s why we love it here. The ever changing and unpredictable Tropical Doldrums that cursed European sailors for centuries makes for an ideal surfing paradise.

Resort Latitude Zero Guiding Team

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