Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 06.10.19
Swell: 2-4 Ft
Wave Frequency: 13 Seconds

How much fun can a group of teenage boys from the city have in one week? Pack them up and take them too RLZ to find out.

Our father / son group this week from Melbourne are having a ball with no hours of the day waisted and no wave left unridden. In the few days since arrival performance and confidence levels of all the lads have gone through the roof and all will take home valuable surfing and life experiences to build on in future.

From sun up to sun down it’s non stop fun – surfing, fishing, boating, hangin out in the pool, ping pong, SUP with Larry the dog, billiards, and finished off with some milkshakes and all the day’s action photos on the big screen ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Grommets rule this end of the island chain this week.

Resort Latitude Zero Guiding Team

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