Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 16.01.20
Swell: 5 Ft
Wave Frequency: 6 Seconds

The one day pulse that went off!. We were hoping for a couple days out of this last swell but we ended up with one cracker of a day. As you can see the groms at Resort Latitude Zero have been lighting up the line up with big carves, solid power stances and a general stoke that fills the resort with good vibes.

Meanwhile the adults are cruising on their chosen craft and showing the grom’s how it is done. One boat had a good look at real Telo life when they had to save a local boat full of families from hitting the reef. The boat had broken down and our surf guide and guests made the decision to tow them back to safety. Well done!

The back half of this week shows small southerly pulses that should give us a few waves around Sumatra and the winds have been light, so we are hoping for a cracking weekend.

Resort Latitude Zero Guiding Team

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