Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 06.01.20
Swell: 3 Ft
Wave Frequency: 14 Seconds

The past three days have been absolute magic for the guests here at Resort Latitude Zero. Conditions have been flawless and we had clean swell from the south that just kept delivering the goods. We recently had a guest changeover and the departing guests mentioned that they had surfed 14 days of their two-week trip and every day was perfect. Now that is a surf holiday!

The coming trend will see an ease in surf height but our new guests are so excited to be here that I am sure we will find something fun at our trusty swell magnets. On arrival day I also noticed spear guns and talk of fishing, so we may be eating sashimi in the near future. It is a very special time to be in the Telo Islands, Sumatra, so If you have never been here in the Summer season, maybe now is the time. Check back with us in a few days to see the latest surf report.

Resort Latitude Zero Guiding Team

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