Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 15.03.19
Swell: 3 Ft
Wave Frequency: 13 Seconds

“Best Surf of my life”

Over the last 2 days with guests in the over 60’s and under 12’s age brackets our experienced surf guides have work wonders once again to find this diverse age group the best waves in the telo islands chain.

With the new swell arriving it was a pretty easy call, the Telo archipelago provided epic waves for all ages today.

Some of the guests spoke in awe of the days surf with phrase’s along the lines of:

“Best surf of my life”.

“Cant believe we just surfed this for two 4 hour sessions with only our Resort Latitude Zero group”.

“Does it get any better then this”.

“This is the best surfing holiday I’ve ever had”.

The forecast is looking much the same for tomorrow, possibly a little smaller but we are sure the smiles will be ear to ear once again.

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