Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 03.11.22
Swell: 3-4 ft @ 216°
Wave Frequency: 15 sec

Once again, the southern peninsula has been the power source of waves here in the Telo Islands. The words ‘uncrowded’, ‘unridden’ and ‘perfect’ have been uttered around the resort this week as the peak of the Sumatran surf season tappers, but continues to deliver. 

Resort Latitude Zero’s guides didn’t fail to amaze Buck’s bungalow crew with cranking inside Monkey’s and New School. Kai’s south house group have been dominating the famed Telo beachie, counting 17 barrel spits before the anchor was dropped on one session.  

There’s a kick in swell tomorrow from the west, and a little something brewing on the long-range forecast to keep the stoke alive.

Enjoy your weekend frothers.

Resort Latitude Guiding Team

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