Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 13.01.20
Swell: 5 Ft
Wave Frequency: 6 Seconds

Well it has been awhile but we got our first taste of Sumatran weather this week. It was from a tropical cyclone off the coast of North Western Australia that had a massive fetch, which produced strong west winds for much of Indonesia. This, combined with a couple of local equatorial lows, created some very hostile weather for the Telo Islands. Fortunate for us it was short lived. The ocean is still a bit wonky but the rain and wind only lasted 3 days.

Even though the winds were tricky  and the seas state messy, our local knowledge prevailed and we were able to squeeze a little surf out of the week. Things have calmed down now and  starting tomorrow we should see an increase in swell from the south. Check back with us in a couple of days to mind surf the magic here in Sumatra.

Resort Latitude Zero Guiding Team

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