Date: 17.10.11
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Still more swell hitting the Sumatran Islands into October and and with the winds easing some great sessions have been going down.

Light winds and consistent swells gave the Nomad team plenty of days watching the sun rise and set whilst sitting waiting for their next wave. The Cape town Boys and Aussie Graham were all surfing really well and  definitely  made the most of their days in paradise. It was great the see the guys really amping on the whole place and being part of it. They Boys were able to surf a large variety of lefts and rights through the trip with no shortage of time being spent out in the water whamming of some crispy turns around the islands on the Indian oceans perfect gifts. Got to love it !
Nomad is straight back out there to take full advantage of this late season magic. bring it on.
Capt Albert.
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