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Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 24.12.18
Swell: 4 Ft
Wave Frequency: 10 Seconds

Christmas is looking good at Resort Latitude Zero…

The swell that keeps on giving! It is that time of the year after all. Even though the surf was predicated to back off, we managed to find something for all the guests here at Resort Latitude Zero.

This week has been filled with spectacular weather, good people, children laughing, and of course, a variety of quality waves. Even Larry has taken advantage of the favourable conditions and snuck out for a few sunset sliders.

The stage is set for an outstanding Sumatran Christmas complete with family, friends, amazing food, and awesome waves. Check back with us next week for more updates from the tropics as we are expecting some decent swell for Christmas day.

The RLZ surf guide team.

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