Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 29.09.17
Swell: 4-6ft
Wave Frequency: 16secs

A mix of Urunga, Byron and Lennox boys on this 14 nighter sighted a grand total of only 1 other charter boat for the entire duration of their voyage. And that too, was only briefly one afternoon, and from a distance.

Good quality waves without crowds is what the Mango is all about, in tune with the onditions, always sniffing for the next opportunity. This time, as usual Huey provided, ensuring waves of all sizes and nature to keep the boys surfing every day. Plenty of fish finding their way onto the deck too, with some keen popping and trolling missions providing a variety of species for the seafood menu with barbecued coronation trout and trevally, fresh dogtooth tuna sashimi, and got to say we’re all developing a bit of a partiality to fresh ceviche these days. Good to catch up with all you fellas again.



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