Date: 25.03.11
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a
Our most recent trip on the Nomad has just fired up with good weather and good swell, delivering hours of uncrowded fun for some ol familiar faces and some new ones as well. .
The boys had a great warm up day to start with and then were thrown some Indian ocean quality which gave them a chance to perfect their tube riding skills and test their luck with the shallow reef. Definitely a day that wont be forgotten in a hurry.
As the swell began to drop we hit some of the Mentawai wave magnets and scored some really fun, perfect waves which gave the boys a chance to recover from the previous days.7 hours in the water each day slows even the most hyperactive, frothing surfer down eventually hey James ?
After a few days of fun we were greeted by a really nice, powerful west swell for our 2 last days to finish up on. Some really big barrels and some bigger wipe outs, it was good to see the lads giving it a good go and at the end of the day had the boys diving for some anti inflamatories  and Bintangs to celebrate,what a top way to finish a great trip with great guys.
Terima kasih from Nomad and crew . A

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