Date: 19.07.11
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

The latest Mango voyage saw The Central coast boys (Duck,Mal,Kirk,Tom,Giff,and Blake) up for another adventure.
A few new waves surfed, yeh they’re still out there. Foxy still hard at it  sniffin away in the always varying combinations of
swell, tides n winds, plenty of seshes on our own, surfed every day,  the older fellas Kirk and Duck rarely took their eye off
the ball, still chargin and clocking up the most water time. Tom cutting lose every time he found a left to shred. Giff laying
plenty of rail,Mal surfin stylishy smooth and Blake hacking away at every lip that showed its face, when he wasn’t hunting out a
bit of tube time. All the boys hauled a decent fish aboard with 2 big wahoos, 2 mahi mahi , 2 doggies, 1 popped  blue trevally and a speared coronation trout. Sunset sushi n beers aplenty. Mal knockin out some good tunes on his guitar. Alls well here in the islands.
Cpt Mark

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