Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 04.07.22
Swell: 8-10ft @ 217 degree
Wave Frequency: 18 sec

Welcome back to the Resort Latitude Zero surf report. The largest swell of the year has hit Sumatra and we decided to show you a few empty line up shots from around the Telo archipelago. As surfers, we have all been mind surfing since we opened our first surfing magazines back when we were grommets. Stuff yourself in a tube or carve your favourite cutback. The choice is yours! 

The forecast was spot on and Sunday morning the guests were greeted with double overhead surf and classic Telo conditions. We should have waves all week as the report is calling for another good pulse of swell in 2 days’ time, which will probably piggy back on the current XXL swell we have running at the moment. Check back on Thursday for more photos.

Resort Latitude Guiding Team

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