Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 04.02.20
Swell: 3-4 Ft
Wave Frequency: 11 Seconds

Fun uncrowded surf is what the Telo Islands are famous for and over the last few days as the predicted WSW swell filled in that’s exactly what we had.

Ranga’s, Misho’s and Twin Peaks were our go to spots with 2-4ft waves, light winds and not another surfer in sight.

This little pulse of swell should slowly decline before the next one is due in Wednesday so stay tuned for the next update.

With all of our guides having an excellent understanding of local weather, tides and swell directions you can be assured they will get you into some waves.

We hit a few favourite spots and managed to gets some clean waves and some guests even finding a bit of shade from the odd barrel. From here we went exploring through the Telo’s for the afternoon and then back to the resort for a few cocktails and relaxing by the pool.

Resort Latitude Zero Guiding Team

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