Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 19.09.19
Swell: 2 - 7 Ft
Wave Frequency: 10-16 Seconds

On the 8th of September the Mango steamed through the channel racing to the airport as our last guest flew out and our new guests flew in, with a quick re-stock and refuel we were off in the exact direction we came from with a new bunch of fired up rippers.

We steamed all night and arrived to some pretty small fun waves to kick things off, we all knew that the swell was on the way.

We had 6 days of non-stop swell, with some dreamy conditions, the stoke was real and we had a blast.

After an awesome week of surfing the guests were handed over to Resort Latitude Zero for some sunset cocktails by the pool and another 7 days of what looks to be a very healthy swell forecast.

Mango & crew

Stay tuned for the next trip swell reports are looking exciting….

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