Date: 15.12.14
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

This trip we coined the Grom’s trip. Young Lennox Chell and Josh Grange, both NSW and Queensland Under 12’s  junior champs this year , were frothin’ to get into some Mentawai magic. Older bro Locky was rippin’ too showing the younger fellas the finer arts of flight, whilst Lennox’s Dad, Sam proved to be the biggest grom of all clocking up more watertime than anyone else on the boat. Yep, he did get barreled every single day of this 14 night trip. Not bad for a late season Nov eh. Owen was there to get the clips and reckons he also scored one of his best pits ever. Always good to hear that from the crew eh. Martin and Mick got in their fair share too with Mick discovering a passion for the boat life, he’ll sure to be exploring again on his future travels.

Ohh yeh, did anyone mention Foxy skurfin’ ???  Mmmmmm. Yep they got skills. Onya Josh, Cheers boys


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