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Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 22.02.19
Swell: 2-3 Ft
Wave Frequency: 10 Seconds

Relaxing at a premium surf resort between surfs is what it is all about!

Expectations for quality waves remained low the last two days with forecasts continuing to be a bit on the negative side for size however each day has produced a handful of great sessions on the right tide movements still.

With anticipation still high for a swell rise in coming few days most guests opted for a morning surf and fishing or enjoying the resort grounds for the afternoon on Thursday to recharge the batteries ready for a big weekend out on the water.

Stella February weather continues in the equatorial doldrums in Sumatra this week so we are optimistic for some gold with the slight increase in wave size brewing.

Have a great weekend from the Resort Latitude Zero you premium surf resort.

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