Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 04.08.22
Swell: 4-6 ft @ 206°
Wave Frequency: 16sec

Stormy weather in the Telo Islands hasn’t slowed down the Resort Latitude Zero guiding team from finding plenty of waves over the last few days.  Simon ‘Swilly’ Willams boys from the bungalows have surfed 36 hours in the last 5 days and have 9,335 photos to prove it.

Meanwhile the North House lads have been entertaining themselves post surf by betting cocktails on guessing how long the trip home will take after solo sessions at Monkeys, Leba and Bojo.

The anticipated South West swell started  filling in overnight so be sure to check back in Monday to see the weekends action as the Sumatran wave machine continues to pulse.

Resort Latitude Guiding Team

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