Date: 17.07.18
Swell: 3-6 Ft
Wave Frequency: 12-16 Seconds

Plenty of waves, smiles and good times!

The early July trip was loaded with swell from the south.

The nomad sailed around the islands with only 3 punters on the last trip.

With plenty of swell in the ocean and variable winds for the first half gave us plenty of options to find waves with only 3 people out.

The back half of the trip the wind became pretty stiff out of the south direction but the swell didnt dissapoint with the crowds hitting the names we were able to bunker down and let the wind blow us to a few moe of those untouched coastline.

Thanks for the good times and sharing waves.


The old nomad is a spacious vessel it was a pleasure to sail around the menatwai islands.



Swell size:4, 6 foot 16s

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