Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 01.09.22
Swell: 5-6ft @ 202°
Wave Frequency: 17 sec

The south swell arrived this week in the Telo Islands and it was the ‘Bojo-Leba Show’ that kicked things off with solid waves marching though the line-ups.  The lads from Sydney made the most of Bojo’s long lines while our bungalow guests were ripping into Leba’s aqua blue walls.

Luke snuck the Kiwi boys around the bay into some super glassy Croc’s lefts as Kai, Lanky and Graham hunted out a few tubes in the back yard of Resort Latitude Zero at DC’s before breaky.

The forecast shows the south swell slowly tapering away and a mild south west swell coming up mid next week. 

Have a great weekend everybody and be sure to get wet.

Resort Latitude Guiding Team

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