Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 25.04.18
Swell: 4 - 6 Ft
Wave Frequency: 16 Seconds

21.04.18 – The search was on through Sumatra covering over 900 nautical miles.

We had a great bunch of lads joining the Mango that jam packed the trip with a great surf adventure, one we are sure will not fade from the memory banks to quick!  We were faced with a dramatic array of moods that the Indian ocean and weather put us through.

Fun clean and uncrowded line-ups kept the guests busy in the water with some super sessions going down.

As the dust settles the Mangalui is in full swing back out with a new frothing crew. With a great looking forecast and already starting to see the first real swells of the season, the boys are at an all time high.

Watch this space for all the action to unfold.

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