Resort Latitude Zero
Date: 18.04.18
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Straight off the charter plane and into pictured below is what a tropical surf holiday is all about.

All the way from Melbourne City the current pack off groms taking up residency here at Resort Latitude Zero for the week were pinching themselves to make sure their first ever surf session in the Telos island chain was even real. With all of them agreeing it was the best surf of their lives. Supervised by the fathers who were just as happy if not happier to share the stoke and sneak a few crackers as the waves just kept coming.

A consistent new swell from the south-west just kept pushing through all afternoon and with howling off shore winds our point breaks in the southern region were firing! Below you will see the groms going wave for wave on the inside and a few empty sets on the outside that got left empty for the majority off the day.

Where were you..

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