Date: 02.06.14
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

The Mangalui team has just rounded out another great trip through the Mentawai Islands.

Perfect weather, light winds, clear skies and sunny days set the scene for super fun surfing through out the full length of our trip.

We weren’t hit by any huge swells but the boys certainly made the most of the consistent waves. The foxy lady kept the boy on the right spot as it had us quickly running around each side of the Island on each wind shift.

The boys had a great send off with the last 2 days really turning it on, running on coca-cola, Beng-Bengs and 3 in 1 coffees the boys surfed their brains out, crawled up onto the Mango with nothing left.

Great trip.


– Capt. Albert.

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