Date: 01.08.16
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Nomad’s latest adventure in late July was an epic.

Non-stop waves from start to finish, from one end of the Mentawai Islands to the other.

Mind surf a few of these images and you will know why Mark, Jacob, Tim, Bumhead, Izzy and Ed were calling “New favourite wave!” or “Best barrel ever!” over and over again. In one memerable afternoon session mid trip the latter was repeated about 8 times in the space of an hour as the team traded perfect tubes, on their own.

Struggling to comprehend the sheer perfection of the waves being ridden, pinching themselves after every epic ride until total fatigue set in late and the sunset Bintangs and stories of the rides took centre stage.

It is those days that make a Mentawai surf trip so special and unique.


– Wal

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