Date: 01.08.16
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Charter: July 16 – July 30

Great to catch up with Ceiron (ex-chef on Mango),Thommo and meet the Sudana brothers and the rest of the crew from the Celito/Seals coast.

Well boys what a smokin’ trip. I was going to put up just one pic of a sic pit from each and every day of this 2 week barrellfest, but there were just too many and hundreds more would have been as worthy to post as the ones I finally picked out to meet the limit which I can send to our tech team.

This seriously done my head in sorting through this lot. For insight into the sheer variety you just need to compare the colours and textures of the various locations and days. Most of the time enjoying plenty of space either on our own or with only one other boat as we let those antennae do their trick eh. Cheers boys

P.S. If ya ever find yourself up around Boomerang/Blueys beach way, ya gotta drop in to Ceiron’s “Kembali Resto” for the best Indo fusion tucker on the coast. Was back that way with the fam around Chrissy, right up there with my Missus’ cookin’ eh, even got posters of the Mango and Indo waves up on the walls. Can’t miss it. Onya Ceiron, Cheers mate.


– Captain Mark

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