Mangalui Ndulu
Date: 09.02.18
Swell: 3-5ft
Wave Frequency: 14secs

The chances of scoring a decent swell were pretty good for the Sydney boys having opted for the extended voyage of 18 nights. Who would have guessed we would score 3 of them? With a nice little bonus from Cylcone Cebile delivering some empty Teles perfection. Waves every single day of this “off season” adventure as the Mango weaved her way throughout the island chain, ensuring we were always in the right place at the right time.

A variety of conditions and waves kept everything interesting. Tony managed the red wine supplies and distribution to a tee and made sure we all sported our temporary Australiana tattoos for the Oz day celebrations whilst Houso Bob holding on to his Peter Pan status turned an unspecified age on the same day. Even scored a clear evening and dawn for the Super, blood, blue moon. Beaut times in a most beautiful part of the planet.

Mango has plenty of vacancies for the coming season, so what are you waiting for? Lock yourself into an Indo surf adventure on one of the best, longest operating outfits in the islands.



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