Date: 05.11.15
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Charter October 15 – October 29

The Avoca boys were on a roll, honouring Lovey’s 50th with 50 days of celebration, 14 nights of ‘em aboard the faithful ‘ol Mango, pulling rabbit after rabbit outa that hat.

Quality waves with just ya mates used to be the “catch phrase” when a few of these fellas first ventured into these waters, and that’s just what the good time doctor ordered this time around, pretty much every day. Yep, Mango has been on a roll too, year after year, coming up with the goods, trip after trip, time and time again, tapping into our reserves of arse, class, cunning n’ luck, always ensuring our guests get the best Indo surf adventure out there.

The boys are back home now, some of em’ probably still pinchin’ themselves. Was that real or even possible in this day and age? Let’s put it down to the Godzilla el nino, or maybe it was just the lack of visibility, smoke on the water, invisible horizons, clouding the vision of some. Mango, the ghost ship like a modern day Flying Dutchman, feeling its way around these hazy isles.

Well fellas, the sky is finally clearing here at last, seen shades of blue these past few days and a clean line out there, I reckon that we might even still be on that roll. New guests have already clocked up the first few days of sesh’s on their own too. It’s the beginning of the great adventure.

Cheers Lovey, Happy Birthday mate from all of us here at the “Fattening station”.


– Mark


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