Date: 22.04.14
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Been a few years since we caught up with the Wamby lads. Good to see brothers Tye and Dane back ripping in the Ments, this time shouting their Dad, John for a round of Mango juice.

A bit of a taste to start the run with some fun lefts, then making the most of the smaller swells to make sure the boys got waves everyday. Hayesy and Kerry chasing the bombs. Max tearing it up on every available lump, Squidlips Sea Bass enjoying his watertime to the max. Mitch, Jimmy and Scotty always on the hunt for a barrel, all scoring their share.

We had Harro onboard documenting the fun, some fairly loose mast jumping antics and a couple of nice fish finally finding their way onboard.

Cheers eh boys, enjoy the pics.

– Mark

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