Date: 10.04.16
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Charter_ March 28 – April 8

Nomad is underway again for the year after a big refit and maintenance season.

The early start allowed Nomad to get a taste of the Mentawai gems with few others sharing the channel. The swell hung in for a moderate 3-4 ft for the majority of the trip with a few bigger days thrown in and some standout sessions were had at Thunders, Greenbush and Lances. A great way to kick off the year.

During the offseason this year Nomad went under the knife for some major improvements and additions to the body of the vessel including extending a beer garden out the aft, raising the gunwale right around the forward deck area and bringing the bow up to meet it. We will get more photos up of the new look Nomad over the next few surf reports.

Captain – Jake

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