Date: 10.05.16
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

April 23 – May 7

A perfect 14 days. Mark got us waves everyday at 17 spots. 23 or 72% of our surfs was just us 8 or less including every morning. We had memorable morning surfs of just us 8 at 5′ Lances Left and 4′ Moots. Only 5% of our surfs were crowds an issue.

Mark has a better average than Bradman, 100. Of my 99 surf days of 7 trips on the Mango his wave hit rate is 100%. Counting the days to my 100th day on January 3.

Meanwhile have the 3,000 shots Mark took to reminisce of a trip that had many saying, “best surf” “best waves” of my life. Situ kept us well feed with his gourmet standards.

See you again shortly.


Text by Guest – Tony

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