Date: 10.09.16
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Teamerica Plus Two

August 25 – September 8

Back in the saddle, Team America plus two of their Ozzie mates scored the trip of a lifetime as Mango dished out epic seshes. Consistently dodging the fleet to score quality Indo tunnels at a myriad of locations throughout the archipelago.

Heaps of fun, heaps of fish. The only time we ran into a few too many crew was at Maccas on our last day, where Matty entertained all, donning his favourite “Gbanger” and pulled into the wave of the day with his blow up favourite girl, tandem surfin’ into oblivion.

Needles to say, she nearly drowned him and he had to abandon her to the fate of the merciless coral reef. Surprisingly she came up unscathed n’ fully inflated and was promptly rescued by Matty, much to the disappointment of a few local fishermen who were in awe of her beauty.

Good times boys, one to remember. Cheers


– Captain Mark

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