Date: 11.04.16
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Charter_ March 24 – April 7  

Mango’s back on the hunt, nailin’ the best and biggest empty lineups Sumatra has on offer. Did someone say the swell didn’t live up to the hype? Three swells on this 14 nighter. Wonder where you all were?

The Lennox/Ballina crew were treated to heaps of lone seshes, surfin’ quality breaks throughout the archipelago. Lots of doggies and a nice wahoo provided consecutive days of sashimi. Sittu tried his best to lay the kilos on us cookin’ up an array of impressive dishes, bakin’ cookies, cakes n whippin’ up exotic desserts. Literally, assaulted by food n’ beer.

Well what else would you expect on the most buffed surf trip in Indonesia? Bring it on, Huey. Cheers fellas, enjoy the pics n’ memories

– Captain Mark

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