Date: 12.10.15
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Charter – October 4 – October 11  (Resort Combo)

After 7 nights of luxury living at Resort Latitude Zero it was time to turn on the Adventure for Coach Chris, Rosko and the lads with a 7 night sail home to Mainland Sumatra via the beautiful Mentawai Islands aboard the good ship Nomad.

Huey came to the party delivering two over head swells in one week and unlucky to miss out on a third by one day. Some surfing limits where pushed, some barrels where ridden and a fun time had by all in the best Mentawai has to offer.

The relentless Southerly winds that have been the common theme for the 2015 El Nino Mentawai season showed some signs of releasing its grip opening up a few extra options and providing great cruising and speedboating conditions for the majority of the week.
We look forward to the next chapter guys…. once all those tired muscles have recovered.
– Wal
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