Date: 13.02.14
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

The regular Shelly Beach crew enjoyed another annual off season break cruising the Mentawais. This time celebrating Gordo’s 50th birthday with waves every day, superb tucker and the company of good mates.

Lapping up all those warm tropical days and nights with nothing more to think about than who’s mixin’ the next drink, Happy 50th mate. A very deserved break for all that hard yakka Gordo put in, this past year, stoked to get back in the water.

Good to see Robbo back on the horse again too after recovering from that leg injury a couple of years ago. China sniffin’ deep, sometimes payin’, sometimes payin’ off. Gidge getting his required Ments fix, Tony hangin’ on to his frothin’ grom attitude and  keeping a firm track of stats.

First time aboard for a few of the fellas as well, with Demo and Phil finding some fun spots to give their SUPs a run too. Thanks again boys for another cruisy time in good company. Cheers

– Mark

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