Date: 13.08.15
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Nomad Charter_ August 1 – 12

…Nomad has just seen out another classic trip to Mentawais and Telos. The WA lads who have been friends of Nomad since her days in West Java reunited to celebrate Brett’s 40th.

We headed straight to the Katiet Peninsula and managed to get a good afternoon at Ht’s, before heading further south.

Lots of good quality waves with plenty of lefts due to the prevailing SouEasters’. Linc got a beauty at Thunders and capped it off a few days later with an epic dual with a solid Marlin.

In the spirit of Nomad we managed to find some space and get some epic days away from the pack…

Thanks fellas….stay tuned for some mad drone footage… (haha, sorry Trav)


Captain – Will

Crew – Kadir, Iwan, Besta & Edo

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