Date: 13.08.15
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Charter_ July 28 – Aug 11

Camo and “the boys were back in town” after a break from their usually regular Mango adventures. Never the less in no way, had they slowed down over the past couple of years.

Always packing in their kit something most might consider outrageous, I could only wonder as we set forth into our known, but less frequented universe. Scoring those waves we targeted doin’ their thing and completely devoid of other alien surfers, the lads lapped it up along with copious amounts of Bintang, lotsa fish, barrells, laughs n questionable behaviour.

It was a mate’s reunion to go down in the annals of history. Certainly had the crew doin’ a double take when the mankinis came out and well, what was probably the first Poo duel ever on Indonesian sand, but maybe we shouldn’t go into detail there eh?. As they say, “What goes on tour……Stays on tour”.

On yas fellas, nobody ever does it like you blokes do. Cheers n thanks for the fish Ruebs……nice mix.


– Captain Mark


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