Date: 15.07.13
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Barrels, barrels n more barrels! Mate, we’re talkin’ truckloads of ‘em. That’s what you come to Indo for eh. Every single day of this 14 night barrel fest cruise.

The Byron boys clocking up so much time inside this trip it’s a wonder the Mango didn’t slip through a wormhole into a parallel universe. Sometimes it felt like we had, with so much of that tube time tucked away on our own. With the Skipper out of the water for the first week, nursing 10 stitches in the upper shoulder, the boys took home almost 6000 complimentary pics, of you guessed it, mostly barrel sequences, though they did throw in the odd hack and cutty from time to time eh.

Frothman goes to Camel who also took out the Stenchman prize. Van tossed in some Retro moves and also took out the Barrelface award. Decco claims the “Smoke your mates” medal. Sleepy never claimed a single barrel, reckons he was just measuring how wide they were. Johnny accused of fixing his fringe whilst threading the tunnel whilst Curly Avatar lost the most bark, brushed it off and soldiered on.

The Bushchargers title goes to Pineapple, JJ and Abe whilst Geordie patiently plucked his gems out of Davy’s locker at every opportunity, challenging enough with nine of your frothing mates stalking every decent lump coming your way.

On yas  fellas, milked it.


– Cheers Mark

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