Date: 15.08.16
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

Charter August 1 – August 12

Another trip of quality uncrowded waves as Mango continues to weave the magic in her 20th year of operation.

A mixed crew this time with a couple of big wave sniffers from over Mavericks way joining us for a taste of Indonesian barrel action. Bianca n Ryan couldn’t get enough of it and milked it to the end, Kenno still stuck in his grommethood was knockin’ up plenty of watertime too.

First day saw us completely alone in sizable clean waves with Elton having a good dig straight up and us wondering what had happened to the fleet at this popular break. Then it was into commando raid mode as we picked the eyes out of every available moment and sesh, finally catching up with the hoards in a strategic last day assault on the most crowded part of the Ments to enable a fast run back to port and catch another fish.

Still managed to snake some moments even then. Two birthdays, plenty of fish (Spanish mackerel, Coronation trout n trevally) made sure there was lotsa sashimi and fresh barbecue stock, with Sittu doing an amazing job in the galley as usual, Cheers.


– Captain Mark

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