Date: 16.06.17
Swell: 3-8ft
Wave Frequency: n/a

It’s fair to say that early June 2017 will go down as one of the most amazing surfing trips in Sumatra anyone has seen in a long time.

Non-stop swell and almost zero wind for weeks has given everyone in the Mentawai’s a trip of a life time. With so much swell, and no predominant wind pattern, just about every break in the entire island chain lit up for days on end. As one quality swell started to back off, another quality swell would start filling in and continue to serve up perfect waves.

The only reason to move from one break to the next was for variety. When Nomad drove away from one perfect surf break we would arrive at another. After days of pumping waves we we’re left with some tired bodies, tattered quivers and a bunch of very stoked surfers.

Thanks to Scott, Jase, Dan, Lee, Trolly and the team for charging hard all trip and making the most of the amazing conditions. See you next time….ya lucky buggers!

Captain Jake

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