Date: 16.11.15
Swell: n/a
Wave Frequency: n/a

First dawn saw the Sydney crew kickin’ off with a Foxy run amidst the haze still blanketing the region, but as the sun broke through so did the colour.

Yep, skies have cleared, so we’re all pretty stoked up this way. These fellas, all Mango virgins were treated to all that is expected from a Mango Sumatran voyage, uncrowded quality waves, unlimited beers, copious amounts of quality cuisine, and a stack of surfing shots to take home to boot, all inclusive.

At least one of the boys scored the longest barrel of his life, captured in digital, a sequence that went on and on, swallowing him up three times before finally emerging….no claim, not even a little hoot, just a stunned blank stare toward the horizon. That one was a keeper.

Always stoked when we can get the crew into some of the best waves of their lives. Another mission accomplished , no wonder the boys keep coming back. Cheers


– Mark

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